Burgers & sausages


Our London butchery also has the kit and the know-how to prepare and wholesale readymade meat products for your kitchen – taking the time-consuming labour away from your team. Although we also do products such as meatballs, mince and whatnot, by far the most popular are our burgers and sausages!

We’re pretty proud of our top quality 100% meat beef burgers, and even more proud that they’ve already found their way onto the menus of some of the top burger joints in London. You can either opt to buy the readymade mix and press into burgers yourself, or we can get our burger press, Richard, to hand press the lot for you!

We can work with your chefs on a bespoke mix and specification too. Whatever meat you want – be it beef, lamb, pork, boar or venison – we can make it into burgers! If you want to chuck in some spices, some herbs or some veg, we can do that too. Whatever you chose, always remember that the burger market is hugely competitive, so getting creative is essential. But we’re more than happy to work closely with you to deliver something fantastic!

The sausages we supply are just the same – any meat, any farm, any added extras, we’ll make it happen. We even have our very own top quality Fresh Direct sausages if you’re looking for an off-the-shelf solution.



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