Our London butchery can supply your business with all the pork you could ever dream of!

Our butchers really bring home the bacon with their expertise and can produce any cut you like to the exact size you require from almost any part of the pig. We’ve supplied London restaurants with everything from pork belly and loin to legs, blades, hands, hock, spare rib, bacon, gammon and even pig ears!

But we’re not going to hog the limelight, because our suppliers deserve to wallow in it as well (too far with the puns?!). We know lots of great pork farmers around the UK with fantastic welfare standards who can supply a range of meats – from outdoor reared to full-blown free-range. And if you need it a bit cheaper, we can delve into mainland Europe too. Either way, all our suppliers are required to hold at least one form of farm assurance accreditation.

If you know a guy who knows a guy who has some pigs, feel free to put us in touch and we’ll buy direct from their farm. Whether it’s a farm local to your restaurant, a farm that rears a breed that you’d like to stick on a plate, or a farm that takes animal welfare seriously, looks after their animals while they’re in their care and has suitable accreditation to prove it, then we’ll give them a call.

Whatever your pork-related needs, you can be sure Fresh Direct won’t make a pig’s ear of it…





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