Poultry – particularly chicken – is one of the most consumed meats throughout the world, and holds the crown for the most consumed white meat for sure. And we wouldn’t be a very good London butchery if we didn’t supply and wholesale poultry – so we do!

Tonnes of it too! Whether it’s a drumstick, thigh, wing, neck or some lovely breasts – we can butcher it to your exact specifications, or we can supply it whole! This is the case for a wide range of poultry, including chicken, turkey for that Christmas or Thanksgiving feast, duck, goose, guinea fowl and poussin.

As with the majority of our meats we can source it in a wide range of varieties. If you need corn-fed chicken, we know a guy. If you need free-range, we know a great farm in East Yorkshire. If you need specialist French poultry, we’ve got a full-time team based in Rungis Market who can purchase anything you need – from poulet de Bresse to Margret de canard!

We can buy it from a farm of your choice too. All we ask is that they are fully BRC accredited along with at least one farm assurance accreditation, as our current poultry suppliers in the UK and mainland Europe are.




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