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Looking for wholesale ice cream suppliers? Well if you are, then you’ve found the right team, as Fresh Direct’s kitchen can manufacture the highest quality ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet straight to your kitchen. Our fantastic food production team only churn the finest ingredients to ensure that the best batches of ice cream reach our UK customers. We’re talking about dairy that’s both full of flavour and rich in texture, and we reckon we’ve got it nailed when it comes to delivering consistency and superb service.

All of our artisan ice cream is produced to a traditional Italian gelato recipe that uses milk and cream – no egg – to create a delicious dairy ice cream that’s only around 8% fat, but no lighter on flavour. Each batch is pasteurised, aged to hit that optimum quality, batch frozen and then batch churned into ice cream. This recipe, the process and team who go about pulling it all together produces a product that is head, shoulders and maybe even an elbow above competition! Our ice cream is seriously good and boasts huge flavour with a long finish – meaning that your customers will be enjoying the taste long after they’ve finished their dessert.

So if you’re after bespoke batches that have been freshly churned, then our variety of premium artisanal ice creams could be exactly what you need when constructing your menu! We can produce flavours to suit any taste. Although we can whip up all your regular ice cream varieties – we make a mind-blowing chocolate ice cream that we reckon is the best we’ve ever tried, as well as an amazing vanilla and a gorgeously fruity strawberry ice cream – it’s the quirkier flavours that we love.

We relish the opportunity to produce funky flavours such as Bakewell tart, rhubarb and custard, chocolate praline, brumble crumble, proper coffee (has a caffeine kick this one), caramel and peanut, honeycomb crunch, rum and raisin, salted caramel and a tonne more! We produce a range of fresh, fruity sorbets too, from lemon, raspberry and cherry to elderflower, blood orange, blackcurrant, passion fruit and mango to name a few. Oh and we’re all over frozen yoghurt too, in a range of flavours. In fact, we’ve now produced over 60 different flavours of ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt for our customers.

Basically, whatever flavour you want to concoct, we can make it happen! Some of our customers have even taken it one step further and tasked us with producing ice cream based on the unique flavour of well-known drinks and dishes. For instance, we worked with one customer who wanted us to produce an ice cream using a specific brand of single malt Scotch whisky, and another asked us to create an ice cream flavoured to an old traditional brown bread and Oxford marmalade pudding recipe. These are the projects that we love to get stuck into and our chefs can’t wait for the next challenge!

So how do we get the job done? Well we’ve got a clued-up team pulling the levers of our fantastic food production facilities that have been designed to whip up exceptional ice cream on a grand scale! We’ve got the very best artisan ice cream machinery and our team know exactly how to use it to get the best results.

Contact us now to see how we can work together to make some fantastic flavours for your dessert menu!




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