Fresh Direct Gourmet is a small team that specialises in rooting-out rare and hard-to-source foods from around the world.

Based in Rungis Market in Paris (the largest food market in the world!), our Gourmet team are ideally placed to source the best and most varied range of high-quality products to bring back across the water to our customers in the UK.

Their products include specialist meats, both fresh and cured, rare or forgotten varieties of fruit and veg, artisanal French and European cheeses sourced direct from the producers that operate within Rungis, as well as a huge variety of tins and jars filled with top-quality, specialist products that will liven up any larder! Perfect for your Michelin star restaurant or gourmet catering company.




Not only that, when produce is out of season in the UK, our Gourmet team are working hard to find alternative sources from around the world, such as gorgeous strawberries grown in the south of France that are usually available outside of the UK strawberry season.

To order from Gourmet, call 01869 365797.