The community that surrounds Fresh Direct is extremely important to us – be it a local business, a charity, a school or the community, we’re always on hand to support and develop those that need a little bit of a helping hand.

Food education is something we’re always shouting about. Whether it’s our own staff, a local school or one of our customers, we relish the opportunity to share some of our product knowledge either by holding an awareness session, taking a group out to meet a supplier or even out into the woods to learn about foraging! During these activities, our team of food experts will educate the group on a selection of products – where it comes from, how it is grown, what it can be used for – followed, of course, by a tasting!

Similarly to this we’re a supporter of the Kitchen Garden Project, a food educational programme for primary school children developed by Jamie Oliver and his clever team at the Food Foundation. The fruit and veg we donate currently supports two schools in London and allows them to run the lessons – educating their pupils in cooking freshly made, locally sourced, seasonal food.

“We are incredibly thankful for the support that Fresh Direct has provided to Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project. They have supplied the children with beautiful produce, exposing them to fresh fruit and veg that many had never experienced. Introducing children to fresh fruit and vegetables from an early age is a fundamental first step towards developing healthy eating habits, having better diets, and leading healthier, happier lives.”
Juliane Caillouette Noble
Kitchen Garden Project

We also support Fresh Start, a caterer that provides primary schools with better food that’s healthy, freshly prepared and ridiculously nutritious! The team now provide school dinners for a group of primary schools around Oxfordshire, with many more in the pipeline.

Our team have supported Kate throughout the expansion, with our chefs helping develop menus and training staff, our IT team producing programs to manage the orders, our marketing team whipping up a jazzy logo, and the rest of our team providing excellent food supply!

“The support system that Fresh Direct has provided to Fresh Start and our new school dinner project has been invaluable! There is always someone available to help and give guidance and their team have assisted us with everything from menus to IT systems. Without their support our expansion would not have been possible.”
Kate Quist
Owner, Fresh Start

Aside from these long-term commitments, our staff are always fund-raising for various charity events – including ‘Ramp up the Red’ for the British Heart Foundation, wearing Christmas jumpers to work for a local children’s hospice, and ‘Wear it Pink’ for the Breast Cancer Campaign!