What we do


Although we’ll always be a local fresh produce wholesaler at heart, these days Fresh Direct is a full-blown food supplier sourcing a huge choice of products and delivering nationally to our diverse range of customers!

And it’s our love of food that’s led us here. What started out as just fresh produce has grown to include a huge range of chilled, ambient and frozen foods, including:

The most comprehensive range of fresh fruit and veg
We’ve been all over this since 1966. No matter how obscure or unheard of, chances are we can get hold of it for you.

A huge range of dairy produce
An udderly enormous range of over 400 different milks, butters, yoghurts, creams and cheeses – the crème de la crème of product ranges… We’re a supplier of everything from skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk to buttermilk, sheep’s milk and even goat’s milk. We supply loads of butters, margarines and lards – salted and unsalted, in portions or blocks, as well as a range of fresh yoghurt in a variety of flavours. We also have a range of creams, from single cream to whipping cream, double cream, crème fraîche and clotted cream, as well as over 300 varieties of cheese, from mature English Cheddar to fresh Italian mozzarella – whey more choice than you expected, right?!

Freshly made bakery products
We supply our customers with a huge range of breads, from cheap and cheerful white or wholemeal sliced bread to artisan tortano rings and dense sourdough loaves – all freshly baked every morning by some of the finest bakeries around the UK.

Meats and charcuterie
From stunning cured meats sourced from Rungis Market in Paris (the world’s largest food market) to a range of beef, lamb, pork, poultry and game butchered by our in-house experts in New Covent Garden Market in London. Not only that, we’re even putting together our very own sausages and hand-pressed, 100% meat, gourmet burgers too! Our meat supply is growing month by month and we can now distribute to the whole of London and a range of customers in central England too.

Dried goods
We try to encourage everyone to buy fresh, cook fresh and eat fresh wherever possible, but we know that a good kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a well-stocked larder full of all those tins, cans and jars that are useful every now and then.

That’s why we now stock a range of food products to fill this need – from essentials such as eggs, oils and vinegars, to dry goods such as pasta, rice, salt, sugar and spices.

Prepared foods
Between our experts in The Kitchen and Fresh Prep, we’ve got the capability to produce a surprisingly large range of prepared food products that we can create in volume to our customers’ exact recipes and specifications. From diced, sliced, chopped, peeled and shredded fresh produce to chef-made sauces, soups, stews, base sauces and even our very own range of artisan ice cream in a huge variety of flavours! Pumkpin and chilli anyone?

We’ve mentioned milk already but there’s more! We also supply a range of concentrated and freshly squeezed juices along with a selection of bottle drinks, from still and sparkling mineral water to the well-known fizzy drink brands – perfect for our grab and go customers.

And even – when they’re available – foraged foods
Yep, we even have our very own team of foragers! When the season is in full swing they’re out and about in the countryside tracking down the finest and most natural wild foods the UK has to offer – from Scottish girolles to South Coast rock samphire.

So you can see why we reckon we’re a complete food supplier these days!

And despite our growth and success since our time as a mobile greengrocer operating out of a little Austin 3-tonne van, we still like to think of ourselves as that local fresh food seller. We’re proud to be a non-corporate business that haven’t forgotten our roots and still represent the same passion for quality, service and values that we were built on and that our customers can rely on – whether they’re a large, nationally-operating restaurant group or a small, independent village pub.

Nowadays though that Austin van has retired and we use our fleet of 200 refrigerated trucks, trailers and vans and a team of around 1,000 people to distribute our range of products out of 6 UK sites, 7 days a week. The scale of our operation these days means that the food we supply around the UK ends up on millions of plates every day! Not too shabby, eh?