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Complimenting With Compotes

Consistency is one of the most difficult traits to nail in the commercial kitchen. Sometimes, things are easily fixed, such as the knife work of a young commis chef, but there are greater issues at play that can derail even the most conscientious of cooks.

The seasons, growing conditions and the weather all play a significant role in how produce will taste. Acidity and sugar levels can vary significantly between each harvest, and without a strong source for your ingredients, you could also be wrestling with the fluctuations in flavour that come from intense farming, or early harvested fruit.

This is never more relevant than when it comes to the compote. They arm the kitchen with an instant burst of flavour to contrast against foods that take the starring role. However, what is often the case when it comes to preserving fruit this way, is that cooks tend to be overzealous with the sugar. This leads to a compote that’s overly sweet and never lets the true flavours of the fruit speak for itself.

Get the compote right though and you’ll have yourself with a dynamic product that can intensify flavours, deliver startling contrast and elevate dishes to a new visual level. But they consume valuable kitchen time to make. That’s why we have recently started to produce a range of kitchen ready compotes from British fruits.

Along with favourites like raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant, we also have some truly versatile options such as rhubarb, gooseberry and cherry. Additionally, we have embraced the deep flavours of the chuckleberry – a hybrid bred from gooseberry, redcurrant and the jostaberry (a hybrid made from gooseberry and blackcurrant) – sound complex? It is, with big, juicy flavours of the hedgerow.

All the fruit we use is British and is frozen to maintain ultimate freshness. This allows us to offer these compotes 365 days a year. This means you get access to a truly reliable product all year round. We can also offer 1kg tubs, 2kg bags and produce batches from 30-250kg. Excellent to use as ripples through ice creams, or turned through a rugged Eton mess, the versatility of these ingredients can seriously empower your menu.

Our raspberry compote partners nicely with an indulgent chocolate brownie, while the blackberry can transform breakfast or dessert waffles. The gooseberry compote lends itself well to a light chocolate mousse, but can also be stirred through a thick Greek yogurt for added tang. On a savoury note, the cherry compote can be pulled into a gravy that accentuates the richness of seared duck breast or strong well-hung game birds.

Whether you’re looking to save time and streamline kitchen operations, or push your take out operations up a notch, turning to our Fresh Direct Fresh Kitchen could be a serious advantage for you. It’s a completely adaptable service, with changes to the recipes and seasonal fruits available on request. For contrasting or complementing flavours, the flourish of our fruit compotes could be what turns a good dish, into something great.