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I say gelato, you say….

Whether you’re serving ice cream from a street service kiosk window, or pushing them during al fresco lunches, summer is game time for this profitable pocket of the dessert section.
Chocolate, mint choc chip and strawberry are the classic favourites that bring with them a nostalgic tug at the heartstrings. However, today the flavour landscape has expanded, not to mention the ice cream base itself.

Salted caramel and pistachio have become the millennial flavours of choice, with consumers becoming ever more discerning over texture and length of flavour. Traditionally, ice creams would rely on a high fat content to bring that silky texture, brought from egg yolks and cream. But people have become increasingly health conscious, which has led to a rise in demand for gelato and other forms of ‘ice cream’.

At our Fresh Kitchen we use a gelato recipe that uses milk and cream, but no eggs. You get that same dairy ice cream texture, big depth of flavour but with only around 8% fat. We look to take the hard work out of the kitchen and make your lives easier, delivering you a fresh, home made gelato that you can start scooping straight away.

What used to be a rare request, the rise in vegan and vegetarian diners has led to a complete transformation of the hospitality industry. Vegetarian menu options have been stepped up significantly, while the number of vegan and veggie restaurants now number in the thousands.

As you’d expect, this has led to a huge demand for vegan ice creams. Thanks to our chefs in new product development, we also offer dairy-free and vegan options from our Fresh Kitchen too. Gelato offers great margins and can draw the crowds, particularly when in prime locations near parks, woodlands and beaches. But more importantly, if you gain a reputation for offering diverse flavours you can become a summer destination in your own right.

We’re seeing more and more vendors going beyond the cone these days too. Following the lead from San Francisco’s iconic It’s-It, the ice cream cookie sandwich is being dipped
in melted chocolate and adorned with sprinkles, crushed nuts and the occasional edible flower.

Some of the most interesting flavours we’re seeing this year include Earl Grey, crème brulee, date and honey, and rose water. With such diversity in this frozen dessert realm, it’s clear that there’s still potential to keep pushing those flavour combinations. It’s a playful ground for chefs and restaurateurs to incorporate summers bounty of fruit, and a healthy food item for the  balance sheet.

So if you want to find out more about our ice cream offering in Fresh Kitchen, get in touch at fresh.kitchen@freshdirect.co.uk