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Kitchen Hacks: Save Time, Money and Labour…

Cooking with fresh ingredients has always been labour intensive, as anyone who has ever run a professional kitchen can attest. From peeling, slicing and dicing, to deboning, trimming and marinating, it’s a world where flavour can come at a cost.

So as foodservice continues to be an industry where costs are increasing and margins remain tight, it’s now more important than ever to operate efficiently. This means not only looking at the costs each dish is incurring, but also at the speed in which you can deliver them.

The Fresh Direct Prep Kitchen is equipped to knock out prepared fruit and vegetables to your specific requirements. We currently slice, dice, chop, peel and grate around 14 tonnes of fresh produce every single day for our customers. Whether you’re looking for a perfect 3mm brunoise, or a meticulously cut julienne we are able to make sure you get incredibly fresh, prepared produce to your kitchen daily.

Bringing in prepared product means you can reduce the prep time and make some significant savings in labour, as well as mitigating food waste and increasing yield. Establishments serving triple cooked chips can make a substantial saving on time and actually benefit from some of the wet cut starches drying out a little. Similarly, anywhere with a high turnover of sliced onions, such as Chinese restaurants and various curry outlets will be able to seriously cut back on prep time.

We’ve also found a lot of catering companies have been able to transform how they operate by taking advantage of our prep kitchen. When kitchen facilities are limited, it allows them to arrive on site and get straight to cooking, rather than doing time-draining activities like peeling and knifework.

Street food traders hustling everything from falafel wraps, Tibetan momos, Sri Lankan dosas or even the gourmet burger can do so in quick succession when they don’t have to factor in prep. In small kitchens where space is limited, it’s not always functional to allocate space for fresh produce AND prepared produce, therefore the move to prepared fruit and veg can save you space and make the flow of goods through your kitchen much more efficient.

So whether you’re looking to increase your margin, or relieve a busy kitchen of jobs that are better outsourced, the Fresh Direct Prep Kitchen is certainly something to consider. Get in touch with your Fresh Direct account manager today to discuss your requirements. Our team can offer you convenient freshly prepared product that can help you streamline your operations, save you time and most importantly, save you money.