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The 2019 food trends you need to know about

Around this time of year the food media turns its attention to the year ahead and looks to see what food trends we can expect to take hold over the coming months. Here we take an overview and tell you what’s bubbling over for 2019…

Fake meat
When Silicon Valley started getting involved with alternative meat, we knew it was about to be big. Impossible Burger, whose star product is a meat patty that looks, tastes and smells like the real deal (it even bleeds when cooked medium rare) created waves this past year with big name meaty chefs like David Chang hailing the plant based meat alternative. In the UK we’ve seen the slow and steady rise of Beyond Meat, and with veganism and plant based diets still rapidly on the rise, these are ingredients we should all be making room for.

Fat is back
Thanks to the popularity of the ketogenic diet, many diners are now embracing the inclusion of rich, glossy fat. The high fat, low carb diet is believed to help aid weight loss and is designed to get your body burning fats instead of carbohydrates. Bone broths, whether to sip as a drink or to deliver fiery noodles like ramen, laksa, or pho are all new year powerhouses delivering satisfying richness, collagen, warmth and restoration, while ticking that irksome ‘diet-choice’ box at the same time. The keto diet has kept the mighty avocado on it’s podium for yet another year, while also continuing to promote the use of coconut oil in foods like granolas, acai bowls and even coffee.

From the hatch
High commercial rents continue to make the food service industry incredibly difficult, particularly in high street and city locations. However, a number of businesses are downsizing their covers and operating out of small serving hatches. Burger giant Patty & Bun have taken on a new site in London serving food directly to punters on the street, while Soho’s Pleasant Lady is knocking out Jianbing – a Chinese savoury stuffed crepe. New businesses take heed, but more established ones could adapt and begin offering a pared down menu of on-the-go items that can be sold quickly, adding an extra revenue stream.

The fizzy and the funky
Fermentation has become a fascination of many food producers and chefs. With kombucha and sauerkraut becoming must stock items in the hipster pantry, the reach of funky, prickly fermented foods is wide. Many establishments are beginning to create house pickles and ferments to accompany dishes and provide a point of customisation and difference to their menus. One of the most talked about restaurant openings this year was Scully, a restaurant from ex-Ottolenghi chef Ramael Scully that boasts a back-lit open pantry that’s loaded with house ferments. The quick to serve ingredients include things like leeks preserved in leftover Prosecco and gherkin juice. It’s also a great practice to get a bit more yield and reduce wastage too.

West African cuisine
Waitrose have pitted West African food to be a big hitter next year. Which isn’t surprising following all the attention Zoe Adjonyoh and her Ghana Kitchen have been getting this year. The widespread use of baobab may also have contributed to the new found fascination with African cuisines too.