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Fresh Direct have been a wholesale milk supplier for years! In fact we’d rate ourselves as one of the best suppliers of milk and cream in the UK.

And our product range is vast! We can supply your kitchen with all the varieties of milk and cream you’ll need for your menus. Whether that’s skimmed milk, semi-skimmed, whole milk, buttermilk, soya milk or any of the other crazy varieties, chances are we’ve got a fair few cartons sat in the warehouse. If you’re after cream, we can supply single, double, whipping, crème fraiche and even cans of squirty cream! If you’re after organic milk and cream, we’ve got that covered too.

We can supply these products in a range of sizes too. Whether you’re after 1-litre pots or 25-pint pergals, we can sort you out. Whey more choice than you expected, right?!

Basically, we’ve got wholesale milk and cream supply covered! How on earth did we manage this? Well we’ve got the pleasure of working closely with the best independent milk and cream producers in the UK giving us instant access to a huge range of dairy products. And – as we’re keen to fly the British flag wherever possible – we’re proud to say that British supply is the only supply when it comes to milk and cream.