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We can grow, source, pick, pack and prepare food – so why not let us cook it for you too? Our production kitchen manufactures food on a grand scale, producing top quality finished products that are distributed to our customers around the UK.

Our kitchen’s been in operation for five fantastic years and over that time we reckon we’ve saved our customers a tonne of faff in the kitchen! Chefs are notoriously tight on time and space, so it’s not always feasible to produce certain dish components within their kitchens. And for chefs managing multiple sites, you can add in the complications of delivering a consistent menu between several kitchens. But no chef wants to buy an off the shelf product if they can avoid it, so that’s where we come in!

We work with national brands and regional chains to produce the very finest products to your exact recipe and specification. Our development chefs are an integral part of the process, and can work closely with you to develop a product that’s perfect for your menu. Once your recipe has been perfected, then our production team can focus on manufacturing that product consistently in bulk, before shipping the finished product direct to your kitchens.

So what do we produce? Well we manufacture batches of sauces, tubs of soups, pots of stews, cartons of chargrilled vegetables and 5-litre Napoli’s of the very finest artisan ice cream.

And how do we get the job done? Well that’s down to our clued-up food production team who are fully equipped with all the state-of-the-art machinery and facilities they need to manufacture all the premium recipes our customers require. Our team relish the opportunity to tackle the more wacky ideas too, so don’t be afraid to come to us with innovative ideas and flavour combinations as those are the projects that we love to get stuck into!

Across our entire range we don’t fall short on quality. Freshly made food that’s full of flavour is so important to us, so you can expect to receive only the best tasting products – and our development chefs are always on hand to ensure that the recipe is consistently delivered to specification. In a nutshell, all our products are made from top-quality, natural ingredients and all are cooked in traditional ‘homemade’ ways – just on a much larger scale!

Across the board we’re super strict on standards and have all the accreditations we need to prove it. We’re thoroughly inspected by the team at BRC and are consistently awarded a BRC A-grade for Food Safety. Not only that, we’re also happy to work with our customers’ independent auditors as well; so we’ve always got an auditor in checking up on our standards!

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