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Do you need a wholesale sauce supplier who can deliver a consistently high quality sauce to your kitchen? Well if you do then you’re on the right web page, as Fresh Direct’s kitchen can produce the very finest chef-prepared base sauces and finished sauces to help you construct your menu and grow your business.

So if you’re seeking bespoke products – and we’re talking about the kind where taste and quality aren’t compromised by rushing the cooking process – then our ever-growing supply of sauces could be right up your street! Having access to batch-made sauces like this can drastically reduce the pressure on your kitchen to produce a technically difficult product with limited time and space. And if you’re a chef responsible for multiple sites, then managing consistency between kitchens can be a real pain!

But let’s let the flavours do the talking, because our mind-boggling Bolognese, our meaty mushroom and our aromatic chunky chilli have been a firm favourite of our customers for years. And it doesn’t stop there; being a premium foodservice supplier means our ragù, arrabiata and bouillabaisse base stocks are all palate-pleasers in their own right – and let’s not get started on our delicious dressings!

You can expect the highest quality from Fresh Direct, where sauces are cooked with natural ingredients and in traditional ‘homemade’ ways – just on a much larger scale.

We’re pretty stubborn when it comes to standards, and only supply national brands and regional chains with the best – top-notch products. Why? Because we focus on welfare and quality and we don’t rely on preservatives, emulsifiers and all other nasties to make great flavour and extend shelf-life!

Our passion for supplying fresh, quality food means we love to be involved in the cooking process from start to finish. Our hunger for creating complex and unusual sauces will see your menu triumph. There’s nothing better than chef-created recipes and we encourage our customers to approach us with their exact requirements – it’s the quirky concoctions that we can’t wait to get stuck into! But don’t forget that you can enhance products by adding your own creative flair too; finished dishes or just base sauces, it makes no difference to us.

So how do we get the job done? Well you’ll find that our sauces are produced by some pretty impressive state-of-the-art machinery backed-up by a switched-on team of chefs and food production professionals who know how to cook quality on a grand scale. Our large direct-heat brat pans are responsible for bringing your ragù to life and allow our team to deliver a consistent and delicious product in bulk all of the time.

Producing the perfect sauce is a long process, but we reckon we’ve got it nailed. Get in touch now to see how we can help with your menus.




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