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You might not know it, but Fresh Direct have a team of foragers scouring the UK for foraged foods. In fact, Fresh Direct is actually one of the largest suppliers of wild foods in the UK – supplying hundreds of different products through the year.

These wild foods are some of the finest and most natural ingredients the British countryside has to offer! And let’s face it, you can’t get a product more organic, more green and more naturally produced than one that has been grown as nature intended it to.

Headed-up by our very own foraging guru, Andy Fraser, our team of foragers are out in the countryside from March to November, sourcing a wide range of edible wild foods that many people don’t even know exist! From an array of wild mushrooms, to foraged fruits, wild vegetables, delicious herbs, fresh salads, seeds and more. In fact, there’s a huge range of incredible edibles that will add an extra dimension to any dish.

Some wild foods grow in abundance but we are always respectful of the way we harvest and never pick in an unsustainable manner. Because of this, our wild foods are picked to orders received a week in advance – so you may need to plan ahead. Other wild foods are extra special, a bit harder to find and cannot be harvested in large volumes, so supply will be limited. But don’t let this deter you, as our team are on hand to advise you what products are coming into season and what will help set your menus apart from the competition! Oh, and we made some handy calendars! Check them out below…





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