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Fresh Prep


Fresh Prep is our very own chopping board! Based within our headquarters in Bicester, Fresh Prep slices, dices, chops, peels and grates 14 tonnes of finished fruit and veg a day to customers all around the UK. Foodservice is in a time where costs are increasing and margins are tight, fresh prep can help you in a number of ways such as reduced preparation time and storage space, consistency, and reduced labour cost.

As one of the UK’s leading fresh produce suppliers, we’re able to tailor our end products to meet the specific needs of your menu – whether you require your red onions diced at 6mm or 3mm!

Through this team, we can offer our customers a more convenient range of products for busy kitchens. Not only could you benefit from reduced preparation time and the cost to do so, but you can also benefit from reduced waste and reduced food handling – which both have health and safety benefits.

To order get in touch with your account manager, or call 0344 873 0868