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There are two different kinds of squash – summer squash and winter squash. These two varieties differ due to a few key factors: when the squash is harvested, their physical characteristics and how long they can be stored for.

Generally speaking, summer squash is harvested when the squash is still young, sometimes with the bloom still attached. They tend to have very thin, edible skins and the seeds are within the flesh and can also be eaten. The flesh of summer squash is very perishable, very tender and should be eaten within a week of harvesting.

The winter squash varieties are virtually the opposite! They take much longer to ripen and so are harvested much later in life than the summer squash variety.

Physically speaking their skins are thick, inedible and tough and their seeds are usually contained within a hollow cavity in the centre of the fruit. One major advantage that the winter squash has up its sleeve is its shelf life; they can last for months if they’re stored in a cool, dark, dry place and a portion of the stem is still attached to help retain moisture.

Fresh Direct supply a wide variety of both winter and summer squash varieties to our customers. Our range includes courgette, cucumber, marrow, melons (Cantaloupe, Galia, honeydew, piel de sapo, watermelon and more), patty pan, pumpkin and butternut squash!