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We love the environment! After all, without a thriving countryside, clean air and nutritious soil, our crops wouldn’t taste quite right…

So we take our impact on the environment very seriously, and do as much as we can to minimise our emissions.

Although running a fleet of lorries is essential to transport food to our customers around the country, we take great care to ensure that they’re not being over-used. Through some fancy computer software we can monitor each lorry’s emissions and fuel consumption to make sure that they’re meeting our strict targets.

Our drivers are regularly educated on efficient driving styles, which can have a huge impact on reducing the amount of fuel a lorry uses.

In fact, although the amount of fuel we used increased by around 18% this year (due to taking on more customers) the amount of miles we travelled increased by around 22%, just by driving more efficiently. Now a 4% bonus might not sound all that great, but when you’re travelling 5.7 million miles a year like we are, that equates to over 230,000 miles – that’s enough to travel around the world more than 9 times!

At the same time as this we’ve purchased 4 new trucks with the latest Euro 6 emissions standard as part of our continuous fleet replacement programme – ensuring that our trucks are constantly being replaced with the newer, more environmentally friendly models. And to cap it all off we’re even testing out a hybrid truck in London!