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We’re produce fanatics. For 50 years we’ve worked day and night, 364 days a year, to deliver globally and locally sourced fruit, veg and dairy to hard working chefs across the country. While our top notch, national and nimble fresh supply chain have helped some of the biggest names on the high street grow to be the awesome success they are today.


We’re produce fanatics. We work with the best farmers across the land to source the best quality fruit and veg at the right time and at the right price. We’ve been in the business for over 50 years and now deliver over 128 varieties of fruit and 318 varieties of vegetables and salads to caterers across the UK 6 days a week.

Not only this, you can trust us to source, handle, store and deliver to your kitchen door! We give you variety, quality and technical integrity, and the peace of mind that comes with working with produce experts. How do we do this? Our buyers on the ground throughout the UK and Europe use their relationships with growers around the world to provide consistency of supply. We love British produce and source domestically when it’s best, and import the rest.

Produce categories we sell:


Take a look at our prepared product range, Fresh Prep!


Although produce is our first love – we also do dairy – and are equally as good at it. Years working with customers and suppliers – we’re well versed in dairy supply. You will have access to an udderly enormous range of dairy products, including milk, cream, butter, yoghurt and cheese – the crème de la crème of product ranges! And (although we know they’re not strictly a dairy product) we also have a wide range of eggs on offer too. All of these are delivered to your door 6 days a week by our temperature controlled vans and lorries, supplying the freshest products. We count ourselves lucky to be working with some of the biggest and best dairy producers in Britain and Europe. Our close link with these suppliers gives us direct access to a colossal range of dairy products!