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  • 22/07/14 | Published by : Mark Flint

    Nut milk

    If you’re one of the health conscious among us this won’t come as much of a surprise, but over the past 10 years, sales of fake milks (or ‘filks...
  • 14/07/14 | Published by : Andy Fraser

    Forager's blog

    As you will hopefully remember, last week I regaled you with the most poisonous or dangerous wild plants and mushrooms in the UK. I did promise to ...
  • 10/07/14 | Published by : Mark Flint


    The rise of gluten-free A few years ago a customer asking for a gluten-free dish at a restaurant might have been met with a funny look and a nod towa...
  • 07/07/14 | Published by : Andy Fraser

    Forager's blog

    Every year I do a number of forages for chefs and other interested parties. I always start every forage warning people of the dangers of foraging. ...
  • 03/07/14 | Published by : Andy Fraser

    Forager's blog

    As usual I hope you are all well. Over the past few weeks I have been caught up in a myriad of food related stories that I have been unable to resi...

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