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  • 26/08/14 | Published by : Andy Fraser

    Ex-CEP-tional mushrooms!

    I have been waiting 8 years to say this again so I am going to relish this... It’s a great cep year!!! They do not come around very often but wh...
  • 21/08/14 | Published by : Mark Flint

    Food Safari: August

    Yep, it’s that time of the month… The time when we hit the high street in search of the latest food trends coursing through the UK’s restaurant ...
  • 18/08/14 | Published by : Andy Fraser

    Foraging update

    Hi chefs, Once again a weekend of inclement weather and family commitments put the kibosh on my Sunday forage. However, I can console myself with t...
  • 15/08/14 | Published by : Andy Fraser

    Foraging update

    As usual I hope you are all well. I am back after a three week hiatus due to a terrific holiday. When the Commonwealth Games came to Glasgow I left to...
  • 12/08/14 | Published by : Harvey Sansome

    Crop report

    General August has started well in terms of general growing conditions with extended periods of dry weather and sunshine and this provided a good sta...

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