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Crop Report

22nd June - 6th July

Get the insights you need to plan more effectively and manage your menus with our latest fortnight report from the field, brought to you by our expert produce team.


Cauliflower 1

We are seeing a changeover to summer crop for the next few weeks, which is having a slight impact to head sizes. Some pinking likely but supply and specifications are being closely monitored, with concessions in place.
Origin: UK

Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash

Reduced volumes until the end of June as South African crop is replaced by European supply.
Origin: South Africa


Istock 1151789380 Sm

British crop has now replaced Spanish supply. The high UK temperatures have the potential to increase head sizes but there has been no impact so far. Our first British Tenderstem will be available from w/c 27th June.
Origin: UK, Spain


Istock 1189025933 Sm

DEFRA container delays are impacting the supply of lemons into the UK. This has caused shortages into our supply chain, and we are continuing to monitor the situation alongside our suppliers in South Africa.
Origin: Spain, South Africa



Issues surrounding raspberries have now eased and all British varieties are entering our supply chain in great quality. Strawberries and blackberries continue to be in good supply.
Origin: UK


IMG 20220516 WA0002

‘Ginger blotch’ caused by contaminated compost is now an isolated issue and supply is beginning to improve, with a few shortages still being seen. Where possible, we are rejecting low quality produce before it enters our network.
Origin: UK, The Netherlands, Poland


Murcia supply was due to begin mid-late June, however, remains unavailable. Almerian supply is covering some of the gap. Watermelons and Galia are in better supply than honeydew and Canteloupe varieties. Melons available in stock are particularly large at present. Supply is expected to improve in the coming weeks.


Origin: Italy, Morocco, South America, Spain


Chervil issues remain, tarragon is an alternative for recipes and parsley an alternative for garnish. We are continuing to monitor temperatures from intake. This has impacted basil across all our suppliers. Rejections for basil are commonplace and we are exploring alternative options to reduce crop damage from storage. Basil is typically susceptible to changes in temperature, particularly cool temps.


Origin: UK, Egypt, Italy, Morocco, Spain